Concept store furniture Prato

An unconventional place where extravagance and fancy met tastefulness. Born from an idea by Riccardo Rami and the American actor John Malkovich, it is a place where fashion, art, shows and food coexist. Riccardo Rami, designer and owner of this place, dared a lot, creating a place that is not only a restaurant or lounge bar but also a meeting point and also a showroom for clothing design by John Malkovich, actor, director but also fashion designer. Many products (together with clothing) can be directly purchased in Opificio JM; that’s why tables, chairs and other accessories made by Novo Italia can be replicated and purchased. The main characteristic of the furniture for this ambience is the fusion of different materials, usually improperly employed, as Momy chair realized with strings for upholstery, or other chairs made with old shirts. With the new opening of Opificio Book Store, very close to the lounge, the unconventional features of the whole project were emphasized, and also a continuity in design was maintained.

Customer : Opificio JM, Prato, Prato
Category : Cafe – Shop – Restaurants
Date : July 2011
Design : Riccardo Rami