Cafe furnitures Prato

Inside an ancient palace in the old town centre of Prato, the historic café “Le Logge” needed a totally new renovation, both in design and requalification of spaces. From the intuition of Riccardo Rami, textile designer with also good skills in interiors, the new furnishing was lively but still traditional. Novo Italia combined the innovation of materials with the experience of Riccardo Rami and intensified the historical and traditional side of the ambience through the renovation of colours and fabrics. For the characteristic and magnificent outside courtyard, a classic model of chair was chosen, but the combination of traditional material, as solid wood, and the re-use of safety belts, enhanced the ambience and the atmosphere of a place already unusual.

Customer : Le Logge bar, Prato, Prato
Categoria : Cafe
Data : July 2011
Design : Riccardo Rami