Novo Italia specialized in renovation and realization from the beginning of restaurant and cafés. Both for projects of new spaces or renovation of old ones, we always offer a large range of services to allow our customers to have a unique and complete turnkey work.

We can help you with solutions for restoration and renovation of clubs, restaurants, shops, hotels, stands, offices but also private houses and apartments.


woodworkers from long time, nowadays is the fourth generation, Novo Italia has changed and improved its abilities in woodworking. Born as a joinery’s workshop for production of chairs in solid wood, the company has reached the world of furniture design and with professional  machineries for solid wood and derived, it can develop and realize amazing ideas.

The fusion between the long experience of Tuscan artisans and the talent of architects of new generation, originates a unique and high quality product.

Each project is enriched with creativity, innovation and originality. The attention dedicated to new and innovative materials adds new value to hand-crafted creations. An unusual design that wants to offer to customers personal and unique solutions: from the simple idea to the organized project, from the choice of good woods to colours, fabrics and materials.

Free space to creativity, design, artistic inspiration and the recycling culture, especially through the recovery of materials usually used in other sectors but that
suddenly become charged with a new and rediscovered value.